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On the 26th of March 2011 the 8th Zwolse IJsselcup would have been organized. Due to to less registered couples we sadly had to decide not to organize it.

We would like to thank all registrered couples for their support for our competition. Also lots of thanks to our venue De Vrolijkheid, our Adjudicators, Scrutinizer and volunteers!

We are now reconsidering f and hw we will organise the next competition.

Underneath you can see how the competition was for the last 7 times:

    * Zevende Zwolse IJsselcup - 20 maart 2010
    * Zesde Zwolse IJsselcup - 21 maart 2009
    * Vijfde Zwolse IJsselcup - 5 maart 2008
    * Vierde Zwolse IJsselcup - 10 maart 2007
    * Derde Zwolse IJsselcup - 11 maart 2006
    * Tweede Zwolse IJsselcup - 12 maart 2005
    * Eerste Zwolse IJsselcup`- 18 januari 2004

We hope to see you on any competition in the near future!

Cor and Arno

UNIque Dance
8th Zwolse IJsselcup Saturday 26th of March 2011